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Ch.3: Probability and RulesWorksheetSee all chapters
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Ch.1: Displaying Numeric Data
Ch.2: Measures of Center and Spread
Ch.3: Probability and Rules
Ch.4: The Discrete Random Variable
Ch.5: The Binomial Random Variable
Ch.6: Types of Continuous Random Variable Distributions
Ch.7: The Standard Normal Distribution (Z-Scores)
Ch.8: Using The Z-Score
Ch.9: Sampling Distributions: Mean
Ch.10: Sampling Distributions: Proportion
Ch.11: Hypothesis Testing: Part 1
Ch.12: Hypothesis Testing: Part 2
Probability Notations
Addition Rule
Multiplication Rule
Advanced Applications of Probability Rules

Concept #1: When and How to Apply The Multiplication Rule

Concept #2: When and How to Apply The Multiplication Rule: Intro

Practice: Which of the following combination of events are independent?

Practice: You reach into the fridge for two Jell-O shot. There are three blue, two red and five green shots. If you randomly select two to drink, what is the probability that you get a red one first and then a blue one?

Practice: In a deck of cards, what is the probability that you pull a queen first, then a diamond with replacement?

Practice: Two people are late to class. They say their car got a flat tire, so the professor asked them separately which tire was flat. If they lied and did not decide which tire was ?flat,? what is the probability that they say the same tire?