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Ch. 9 - Skeletal SystemWorksheetSee all chapters
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Ch. 1 - Introduction to Physiology
Ch. 2 - Molecules and Molecular Interactions
Ch. 3 - Cells and Tissues
Ch. 4 - Cell Metabolism: Bioenergetics, Enzymes, and Respiration
Ch. 5 - Membrane Dynamics
Ch. 6 - Cell Communication
Ch. 7 - Integumentary System
Ch. 8 - Bone and Cartilage
Ch. 9 - Skeletal System
Ch. 10 - Joints
Ch. 11 - Muscles
Ch. 12 - The Nervous System I: Neurons and Neuronal Networks
Ch. 13 - The Nervous System II: The Central Nervous System
Ch. 14 - The Autonomic Nervous System
Ch. 15 - Sensory Physiology
Ch. 16 - The Endocrine System
Ch. 17 - Cardiovascular Physiology I: The Heart
Ch. 18 - Cardiovascular Physiology II: Blood, Blood Vessels, Circulation, and Exchange
Ch. 19 - The Urinary System
Ch. 20 - Respiratory Physiology
Ch. 21 - Acid-Base Balance-- Controlling Blood pH
Ch. 22 - Introduction to the Immune System
Ch. 23 The Lymphatic System
Ch. 23 - The Digestive System
Ch. 24 - Regulation of Metabolism and Energy Balance
Ch. 25 - Human Sexual Reproduction and Development
Bone Markings
Overview of the Skull
Frontal Bone
Occipital Bone
Sphenoid Bone
Ethmoid Bone
Zygomatic Bone
Lacrimal Bone
Vomer Bone
Inferior Nasal Concha
Palatine Bone
Cranial Fossae
Skull Sutures
Anterior View of Skull
Posterior View of Skull
Superior View of Skull
Lateral View of Skull
Sagittal Sectional View of Skull
Inferior View of Skull
Associated Skull Bones
Vertebrae Types
Spinal Curvatures
Vertebrae Anatomy
Cervical Vertebrae
Thoracic Vertebrae
Lumbar Vertebrae
Sacrum and Coccyx
Thoracic Cage
Parietal Bone
Temporal Bone
Pectoral Girdle
Upper Limb - Humerus
Upper Limb - Radius and Ulna
Wrist and Hand Bones
Pelvic Girdle
Lower Limb - Femur
Lower Limb - Tibia and Fibula
Ankle Bones
Foot Arches

Concept #1: Foot Arches