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Ch. 1 - Introduction to MicroeconomicsWorksheetSee all chapters
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Ch. 1 - Introduction to Microeconomics
Ch. 2 - Introductory Economic Models
Ch. 3 - Supply and Demand
Ch. 4 - Elasticity
Ch. 5 - Consumer and Producer Surplus; Price Ceilings and Floors
Ch. 6 - Introduction to Taxes and Subsidies
Ch. 7 - Externalities
Ch. 8 - The Types of Goods
Ch. 9 - International Trade
Ch. 10 - The Costs of Production
Ch. 11 - Perfect Competition
Ch. 12 - Monopoly
Ch. 13 - Monopolistic Competition
Ch. 14 - Oligopoly
Ch. 15 - Markets for the Factors of Production
Ch. 16 - Income Inequality and Poverty
Ch. 17 - Asymmetric Information, Voting, and Public Choice
Ch. 18 - Consumer Choice and Behavioral Economics
Introduction to Economics
Three Key Economic Ideas
Productive and Allocative Efficiency; Equality
Factors of Production
Positive and Normative Statements
Circular Flow Diagram
Graphing Review
Percentage and Decimal Review
Fractions Review
Are you drowning in graphs? Let's review the skills you need to pass this class!

Concept #1: Plotting Points on a Graph

Concept #2: Drawing and Shifting Curves

Concept #3: Calculating Slope of a Straight Line

Concept #4: Calculating Slope of a Curve: Point Method

Concept #5: Calculating Slope of a Curve: Arc Method

Concept #6: Finding Maximum and Minimum on a Graph

Concept #7: Calculating Area of a Triangle on Graph

Concept #8: Calculating Area of a Rectangle on Graph

Practice: Calculate the area of the shaded region.

Concept #9: Interpreting Graphs (Part One)

Concept #10: Interpreting Graphs (Part Two)