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Ch. 16 - Central Dogma & Gene RegulationWorksheetSee all chapters
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Ch. 1 - Introduction to Microbiology
Ch. 2 - Disproving Spontaneous Generation
Ch. 3 - Chemical Principles of Microbiology
Ch. 4 - Water
Ch. 5 - Molecules of Microbiology
Ch. 6 - Cell Membrane & Transport
Ch. 7 - Prokaryotic Cell Structures & Functions
Ch. 8 - Eukaryotic Cell Structures & Functions
Ch. 9 - Microscopes
Ch. 10 - Dynamics of Microbial Growth
Ch. 11 - Controlling Microbial Growth
Ch. 12 - Microbial Metabolism
Ch. 13 - Photosynthesis
Ch. 15 - DNA Replication
Ch. 16 - Central Dogma & Gene Regulation
Ch. 17 - Microbial Genetics
Ch. 18 - Biotechnology
Ch. 21 - Viruses, Viroids, & Prions
Ch. 22 - Innate Immunity
Ch. 23 - Adaptive Immunity
Ch. 24 - Principles of Disease
Central Dogma
Introduction to Transcription
Steps of Transcription
Transcription Termination in Prokaryotes
Eukaryotic RNA Processing and Splicing
Introduction to Types of RNA
Genetic Code
Introduction to Translation
Steps of Translation
Review of Transcription vs. Translation
Prokaryotic Gene Expression
Review of Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic Gene Expression
Introduction to Regulation of Gene Expression
Prokaryotic Gene Regulation via Operons
The Lac Operon
Glucose's Impact on Lac Operon
The Trp Operon
Review of the Lac Operon & Trp Operon
Introduction to Eukaryotic Gene Regulation
Eukaryotic Chromatin Modifications
Eukaryotic Transcriptional Control
Eukaryotic Post-Transcriptional Regulation
Post-Translational Modification
Eukaryotic Post-Translational Regulation

Concept #1: Prokaryotic Gene Expression

Practice: Which of the following statements is true?

Concept #2: Prokaryotic Gene Expression

Practice: PRACTICE: In prokaryotes, as soon as RNA polymerase synthesizes the 5' end of mRNA, ribosomes come in and initiate translation before transcription is completed. This is called ____.

Concept #3: Prokaryotic Gene Expression

Practice: PRACTICE: _____ allows RNA polymerase to recognize a specific promoter sequence of a gene.

Practice: PRACTICE: During which stage of bacterial transcription are sigma (σ) factors involved?

Concept #4: Prokaryotic Gene Expression

Concept #5: Prokaryotic Gene Expression

Practice: PRACTICE: “Cistron” is another word for “gene”. Which of these answers are characteristics of polycistronic mRNA?
a) Only found in prokaryotes.  
b) Single mRNA strand, carrying multiple genes.
c) Single mRNA strand can be translated into many proteins.
d) All of the above are characteristics of polycistronic mRNA.