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Ch. 5 - Molecules of MicrobiologyWorksheetSee all chapters
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Ch. 1 - Introduction to Microbiology
Ch. 2 - Disproving Spontaneous Generation
Ch. 3 - Chemical Principles of Microbiology
Ch. 4 - Water
Ch. 5 - Molecules of Microbiology
Ch. 6 - Cell Membrane & Transport
Ch. 7 - Prokaryotic Cell Structures & Functions
Ch. 8 - Eukaryotic Cell Structures & Functions
Ch. 9 - Microscopes
Ch. 10 - Dynamics of Microbial Growth
Ch. 11 - Controlling Microbial Growth
Ch. 12 - Microbial Metabolism
Ch. 13 - Photosynthesis
Ch. 15 - DNA Replication
Ch. 16 - Central Dogma & Gene Regulation
Ch. 17 - Microbial Genetics
Ch. 18 - Biotechnology
Ch. 21 - Viruses, Viroids, & Prions
Ch. 22 - Innate Immunity
Ch. 23 - Adaptive Immunity
Ch. 24 - Principles of Disease
Functional Groups
Introduction to Biomolecules
Monomers & Polymers
Nucleic Acids

Concept #1: Lipids

Concept #2: Lipids

Practice: Which type of fatty acids only contain Carbon-Carbon single bonds?

a) Unsaturated.

b) Saturated.

c) Trans fats.

d) Steroids.

Concept #3: Lipids

Practice: A triglyceride is a form of _______ composed of ___________.

a) Lipid ; fatty acids & Glucose.

b) Lipid ; Fatty acids & Glycerol.

c) Carbohydrate ; Fatty acids only.

d) Lipid ; Ribose.

Concept #4: Lipids

Practice: How do phospholipids interact with water molecules?

a) The polar heads avoid water; the nonpolar tails attract water (because water is polar and opposites attract).

b) Phospholipids do not interact with water because water is polar and lipids are nonpolar.

c) The polar heads interact with water; the nonpolar tails do not.

d) Phospholipids dissolve in water.

Concept #5: Lipids

Practice: The molecule shown the figure is a ________.

a) Fatty acid.

b) Wax.

c) Steroid.

d) Triacylglycerol.

e) Phospholipid.

Practice: Choose the correct statement about biological waxes:

a) They contain at least one steroid molecule.

b) They are fatty acids bound to long chain alcohol molecules.

c) They are extremely hydrophilic.

d) They are made of 4 fused carbon ring molecules.