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Ch. 1 - Introduction to Microbiology
Ch. 2 - Disproving Spontaneous Generation
Ch. 3 - Chemical Principles of Microbiology
Ch. 4 - Water
Ch. 5 - Molecules of Microbiology
Ch. 6 - Cell Membrane & Transport
Ch. 7 - Prokaryotic Cell Structures & Functions
Ch. 8 - Eukaryotic Cell Structures & Functions
Ch. 9 - Microscopes
Ch. 10 - Dynamics of Microbial Growth
Ch. 11 - Controlling Microbial Growth
Ch. 12 - Microbial Metabolism
Ch. 13 - Photosynthesis
Ch. 15 - DNA Replication
Ch. 16 - Central Dogma & Gene Regulation
Ch. 17 - Microbial Genetics
Ch. 18 - Biotechnology
Ch. 21 - Viruses, Viroids, & Prions
Ch. 22 - Innate Immunity
Ch. 23 - Adaptive Immunity
Ch. 24 - Principles of Disease
Introduction to Adaptive Immunity
Introduction to T Lymphocytes
Major Histocompatibility Complex Molecules
Activation of T Lymphocytes
Functions of T Lymphocytes
Review of Cytotoxic vs Helper T Cells
Introduction to B Lymphocytes
Classes of Antibodies
Outcomes of Antibody Binding to Antigen
T Dependent & T Independent Antigens
Clonal Selection
Antibody Class Switching
Affinity Maturation
Primary and Secondary Response of Adaptive Immunity
Immune Tolerance
Regulatory T Cells
Natural Killer Cells
Review of Adaptive Immunity

Concept #1: Introduction to B Lymphocytes

Practice: Match the correct form of adaptive immunity to the scenarios below.

A. Cell-Mediated Immunity.                                B. Humoral Immunity

_____1. A macrophage acting as an APC is activated by a CD4 effector cell.
_____2. A naive B cell is activated after binding an antigen and differentiates into a plasma cell.  
_____3. Responds to exogenous antigens.  
_____4. Responds to endogenous antigens.
_____5. A liver cell infected with a virus undergoes apoptosis when signaled by a CD8 effector cell.  

Concept #2: Introduction to B Lymphocytes

Practice: What is the difference between a TCR and a BCR?

Practice: A naive B cell is activated when:

Concept #3: Introduction to B Lymphocytes

Practice: Antibodies are made by:

Practice: In which of the following sites in the body can B cells be found?

Practice: The antibody-secreting progeny of an activated B cell are called: