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Ch.1 Matter and Measurements
Ch.2 Atoms and the Periodic Table
Ch.3 Ionic Compounds
Ch.4 Molecular Compounds
Ch.5 Classification & Balancing of Chemical Reactions
Ch.6 Chemical Reactions & Quantities
Ch.7 Energy, Rate and Equilibrium
Ch.8 Gases, Liquids and Solids
Ch.9 Solutions
Ch.10 Acids and Bases
Ch.11 Nuclear Chemistry
BONUS: Lab Techniques and Procedures
BONUS: Mathematical Operations and Functions

Elements lose or gain electrons to have the ideal number of outer shell electrons like the noble gases.

Main Group Element Charges

Concept #1: Main Group Element Charges

Example #1: From what you know about ion formation and the Periodic Table, which ion would be unlikely to occur?

Metals lose electrons and become cations. Non-metals gain electrons and become anions.

Concept #2: Main Group Elements

Example #2: Predict the charge that a gallium ion would possess.