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Ch.1 Matter and Measurements
Ch.2 Atoms and the Periodic Table
Ch.3 Ionic Compounds
Ch.4 Molecular Compounds
Ch.5 Classification & Balancing of Chemical Reactions
Ch.6 Chemical Reactions & Quantities
Ch.7 Energy, Rate and Equilibrium
Ch.8 Gases, Liquids and Solids
Ch.9 Solutions
Ch.10 Acids and Bases
Ch.11 Nuclear Chemistry
BONUS: Lab Techniques and Procedures
BONUS: Mathematical Operations and Functions
Laboratory Materials
Experimental Error
Distillation & Floatation
Filtration and Evaporation
Test for Ions and Gases

The laboratory portion of your chemistry course puts into practice some of the concepts you’ll gradually be learning. In this section we will familiarize ourselves with some of the basic apparatuses you’ll be using. 

Laboratory Materials 

Concept #1: Laboratory Materials 1

Concept #2: Laboratory Materials 2

Example #1: Laboratory Materials

Example #2: Laboratory Materials

Example #3: Laboratory Materials