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Ch.5 Genetics of Bacteria and VirusesWorksheetSee all chapters
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Ch.1 Introduction to Genetics
Ch.2 Mendel's Laws of Inheritance
Ch.3 Extensions to Mendelian Inheritance
Ch.4 Genetic Mapping and Linkage
Ch.5 Genetics of Bacteria and Viruses
Ch.6 Chromosomal Variation
Ch.7 DNA and Chromosome Structure
Ch.8 DNA Replication
Ch.9 Mitosis and Meiosis
Ch.10 Transcription
Ch.11 Translation
Ch.12 Gene Regulation in Prokaryotes
Ch.13 Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes
Ch.14 Genetic Control of Development
Ch.15 Genomes and Genomics
Ch.16 Transposable Elements
Ch.17 Mutation, Repair, and Recombination
Ch.18 Molecular Genetic Tools
Ch.19 Cancer Genetics
Ch.20 Quantitative Genetics
Ch.21 Population Genetics
Ch.22 Evolutionary Genetics
Working with Microorganisms
Bacterial Conjugation
Bacterial Transformation
Bacteriophage Genetics

Concept #1: Plaques and Experiments

Concept #2: Mapping Bacteriophages

Practice: A plaque assay studies viruses through what measurement?

Practice: A mixed infection of two bacteriophage strains is often used for what purpose?

Practice: A mixed infection of two bacteriophage strains was performed. Infection of bacteriophage strain 1 causes the bacteria to be red and large, while infection of bacteriophage strain 2 causes the bacteria colony to be black and small. The following results were obtained. Using this data, determine the distance between the color and size genes.