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Ch. 15 - Cytoskeleton and Cell MovementWorksheetSee all chapters
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Ch. 1 - Overview of Cell Biology
Ch. 2 - Chemical Components of Cells
Ch. 3 - Energy
Ch. 4 - DNA, Chromosomes, and Genomes
Ch. 5 - DNA to RNA to Protein
Ch. 6 - Proteins
Ch. 7 - Gene Expression
Ch. 8 - Membrane Structure
Ch. 9 - Transport Across Membranes
Ch. 10 - Anerobic Respiration
Ch. 11 - Aerobic Respiration
Ch. 12 - Photosynthesis
Ch. 13 - Intracellular Protein Transport
Ch. 14 - Cell Signaling
Ch. 15 - Cytoskeleton and Cell Movement
Ch. 16 - Cell Division
Ch. 17 - Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction
Ch. 18 - Cell Junctions and Tissues
Ch. 19 - Stem Cells
Ch. 20 - Cancer
Ch. 21 - The Immune System
Ch. 22 - Techniques in Cell Biology
Overview of the Cytoskeleton
Intermediate Filaments
Kinesins and Dyneins
Cilia and Flagella
Microtubules and Cell Division
Actin Filaments
Actin Based Movement
Muscle Contractions

Concept #1: Structure

Concept #2: Organization

Practice: Which of the following proteins are associated with actin nucleation?

Practice: Actin monomers are added to both the minus end and the plus end of a growing actin filament?

Practice: Which of the following terms describes the addition of monomers at the plus end and the loss of monomers at the minus end?

Practice: If ATP at the minus end is hydrolyzed quickly, what happens to an actin filament?