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Ch. 1 - Introduction to Biology
Ch. 2 - Chemistry
Ch. 3 - Water
Ch. 4 - Biomolecules
Ch. 5 - Cell Components
Ch. 6 - The Membrane
Ch. 7 - Energy and Metabolism
Ch. 8 - Respiration
Ch. 9 - Photosynthesis
Ch. 10 - Cell Signaling
Ch. 11 - Cell Division
Ch. 12 - Meiosis
Ch. 13 - Mendelian Genetics
Ch. 14 - DNA Synthesis
Ch. 15 - Gene Expression
Ch. 16 - Regulation of Expression
Ch. 17 - Viruses
Ch. 18 - Biotechnology
Ch. 19 - Genomics
Ch. 20 - Development
Ch. 21 - Evolution by Natural Selection
Ch. 22 - Evolution of Populations
Ch. 23 - Speciation
Ch. 24 - History of Life on Earth
Ch. 25 - Phylogeny
Ch. 26 - Prokaryotes
Ch. 28 - Protists
Ch. 29 - Plants
Ch. 30 - Fungi
Ch. 31 - Overview of Animals
Ch. 32 - Invertebrates
Ch. 33 - Vertebrates
Ch. 34 - Plant Anatomy
Ch. 35 - Vascular Plant Transport
Ch. 36 - Soil
Ch. 37 - Plant Reproduction
Ch. 38 - Plant Sensation and Response
Ch. 39 - Animal Form and Function
Ch. 40 - Digestive System
Ch. 41 - Circulatory System
Ch. 42 - Immune System
Ch. 43 - Osmoregulation and Excretion
Ch. 44 - Endocrine System
Ch. 45 - Animal Reproduction
Ch. 46 - Nervous System
Ch. 47 - Sensory Systems
Ch. 48 - Muscle Systems
Ch. 49 - Ecology
Ch. 50 - Animal Behavior
Ch. 51 - Population Ecology
Ch. 52 - Community Ecology
Ch. 53 - Ecosystems
Ch. 54 - Conservation Biology
Introduction to Cell Division
Organization of DNA in the Cell
Introduction to the Cell Cycle
Phases of Mitosis
Cell Cycle Regulation
Review of the Cell Cycle

Concept #1: Phases of Mitosis

Concept #2: Phases of Mitosis

Practice: The correct sequence for the phases of mitosis is:

Concept #3: Phases of Mitosis

Concept #4: Phases of Mitosis

Practice: The phase of mitosis where chromosomes condense and centrosomes move to opposite poles of the cell is:

Practice: Why does the nuclear envelope break down during prometaphase?

Concept #5: Phases of Mitosis

Practice: The mitotic spindle plays a critical role in which of the following processes of cellular division?

Practice: Which of the following events characterizes metaphase of mitosis?

I. Movement of chromosomes to the equatorial plane (metaphase plate) of the cell.

II. A spindle fiber attaches to each sister chromatid.

III. Separation of sister chromatids that are being pulled to the poles of the cell.

Practice: Metaphase is characterized by ________.

Concept #6: Phases of Mitosis

Practice: In what way do kinetochore microtubules facilitate the process of splitting the sister chromatids?

Practice: Which of the following is a function of the non-kinetochore microtubules?

Concept #7: Phases of Mitosis

Practice: The nuclear envelopes form and the mitotic spindles disassembles during telophase in preparation for what?

Practice: The circles labeled A to E each represent the chromosomes within a cell during a single phase of mitosis. Which image is showing one of the newly created nuclei at the end of telophase?

Practice: At which phase of the cell cycle do centrosomes begin to move apart in animal cells?

Practice: Scientists isolate cells in various phases of the cell cycle. They isolate a group of cells that have 1 1/2 times more DNA than G1 phase cells. What is the most likely part of the cell cycle from which these cells were isolated?

Practice: If there are 40 centromeres in a cell at anaphase of mitosis, how many chromosomes will be found in each daughter cell following cytokinesis?

a) 10.

b) 20.

c) 40.

d) 80.

Practice: Taxol is an anticancer drug extracted from the Pacific yew tree. In animal cells, Taxol prevents microtubule depolymerization (breaking down). Thus, Taxol stops mitosis by interfering with which of the following structures or processes?

a) The mitotic spindle.

b) Cytokinesis.

c) DNA replication.

d) Chromosome condensation.