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Our Mission

Clutch Prep was founded with the mission to help students succeed in their classes. We believe in a learning model that consists of straight-forward explanations, relevant examples, and thorough practice.

While other online educational resources focus on building incrementally better technological or social platforms for students to learn and interact, our team is driven by a passion to disrupt the explanations themselves. Textbooks are notoriously inadequate at helping students achieve mastery of complicated problem-solving concepts; by building a video-based curriculum parallel to the assigned text of a classroom, we are dramatically and sustainably improving learning outcomes.

This mission requires a robust team of visionaries who are willing to challenge formal curriculum head on, and create high-impact learning experiences for students.

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Our Story

Clutch was founded on the idea that students would prefer to re-learn a concept from scratch rather than to simply patch holes in their knowledge.

Starting in 2010, we set off to build a helpful, straight-forward, supplemental undergraduate curriculum for our flagship university, FIU. Hundreds of hours of recorded content later, our +25k local students responded to our mission with enthusiastic feedback and markedly higher grades.

We are now actively engaged in simplifying learning on a national scale. Our undergraduate video textbooks are just the first step toward advancing the learning outcomes of a broken higher education system.

Our Team

Abigail Ridao's profile picture

Abigail Ridao

Customer Support

Adelaine Aguilar's profile picture

Adelaine Aguilar

Video Transcription Assistant

Alain Fontaine's profile picture

Alain Fontaine

Co-founder & CTO

Alex Pulido's profile picture

Alex Pulido

Software Engineer

Andrew Renda's profile picture

Andrew Renda

Video Tutor Manager & Course Developer

Anne Irorita's profile picture

Anne Irorita

Academic Assistant

Artem Volos's profile picture

Artem Volos

Co-founder & COO/CFO

Augusto Zanoni's profile picture

Augusto Zanoni

Software Engineer

Ben Onah's profile picture

Ben Onah

Software Engineer

Benice Lyrem Joy Lim's profile picture

Benice Lyrem Joy Lim

Academic Assistant

Dasha Bobkova's profile picture

Dasha Bobkova

Support Instructor / Chemistry

Emily James's profile picture

Emily James

Growth Program Manager

Emily Leavell's profile picture

Emily Leavell

Inside Sales

Faraz Ul Haq's profile picture

Faraz Ul Haq

Academic Assistant

Hasstrup Ezekiel's profile picture

Hasstrup Ezekiel

Software Engineer

Jacqueline Bova's profile picture

Jacqueline Bova

Product Manager

Jason Sumpter's profile picture

Jason Sumpter

Lead Instructor / Biology

Johnny Betancourt's profile picture

Johnny Betancourt

Co-founder & CAO

Jonathan Robertson's profile picture

Jonathan Robertson

SEO & Content Manager

Joy Braley's profile picture

Joy Braley

Professor Success Lead

Jules Bruno's profile picture

Jules Bruno

Lead Instructor / General Chemistry

Kaitlyn Lisenby's profile picture

Kaitlyn Lisenby

Support Instructor / Biology

Laura McDonough's profile picture

Laura McDonough

Inside Sales

Leo Mojica's profile picture

Leo Mojica

Academic Assistant

Marcio Souza's profile picture

Marcio Souza

Co-founder & CEO

Mariel Buenaventura's profile picture

Mariel Buenaventura

Customer Support

Melanie Schneider's profile picture

Melanie Schneider

Inside Sales

Michelle Celiz's profile picture

Michelle Celiz

Customer Support

Patrick Ford's profile picture

Patrick Ford

Support Instructor / Physics

Patrick Liwag's profile picture

Patrick Liwag

Academic Assistant

Vadim Vasilets's profile picture

Vadim Vasilets

Product Designer

Vitor Carminatti's profile picture

Vitor Carminatti

Software Engineer

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